Orders for the Major - The Battle for Normandy 1944

Orders for the Major - The Battle for Normandy 1944

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A game in the ASLComp series by Critical Hit.

Subject: the Allied Operation Epsom (aka First Battle of the Odon), Normandy, France 1944. Centered around battles near the town of Gavrus.

This is a remake of Scotland the Brave I. As such it contains the same original 9 scenarios, and 1 campaign game, with some minor alterations. The game features new map and counter art.

This game allows you to recreate firefights between British and German troops in Normandy 1944, on a tactical scale: individual vehicles, artillery pieces, support weapons, squads and leaders.
The terrain lends itself for a mixture of close quarter battles around villages and bridges, coupled with long range tank duels, due to the relatively flat, open area with little or no hedges (bocage).

Because of the designer's research and availability of detailed sources on the depicted actions, the scenarios have a highly historically informative value, backed by information and pictures of some of the landmarks in the designer's notes booklet.
240 min
1 - 2 joueurs

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Editeur Critical Hit
Auteur Ian Daglish