Le Franc Tireur #13

Le Franc Tireur #13

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This issue focuses on the Crimean campaign, from the German invasion to the Russian counteroffensive of 1944. Also included, a Berlin Red Vengeance strategy guide, as well as 17 scenarios and an overlay, thus a thicker issue than our regular 80 pages LFT mag.


- Editor’s Foreword
- ASL Quiz
- USO in ASL
- ASL last events
- 10 questions to… Tim Hundsdorfer
- Vanatorii de Munte (the Romanian mountain troops in WWII)
- The Crimean Campaign
- The Red Army retakes the Crimea
- BRV Strategy guide
- Sweat saves blood : the ETO fortifications
- The Catanzaro balance system
- Broken Bamboo AAR

100 pages - 99% is in English, only one ad in French… although you might also find some Tagalog, Illongo, Khmer and some other rare languages :-)

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