Lost Legacy - Sacred Grail & Staff of Dragons

Lost Legacy - Sacred Grail & Staff of Dragons

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In the distant past, a starship from a faraway world appeared in the sky. Damaged in battle, the craft broke apart and traced lines of fire across the horizon. These falling stars crashed to the surface, and in the ages to come, became enshrined in legends as the Lost Legacy. Discover where the Lost Legacy can be found and win the game!


Lost Legacy: Third Chronicle contains two sets of game cards: Sacred Grail and Staff of Dragons. Each set can be played independently or be mixed together with other sets to create a unique custom set. Combine all Lost Legacy sets together for the ultimate adventure!
30 min
2 - 6 joueurs

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Éditeur AEG
Auteur Hayato Kisaragi - Seiji Kanai - Masatuo Uesegi