Berserk - Knights and Villains

Berserk - Knights and Villains

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Berserk: Knights and Villains can be played as a stand-alone game or it can be used as an expansion for Berserk: War of the Realms.

Berserk: Kinghts and Villains is a set of two 30 cards decks. There are no extravagant cards in Knights and Villains set - all cards here are straightforward and brutal. Thus, Berserk: Knights and Villains may be recommended as a good start for the newcomers to Berserk universe.

Berserk: Knights and Villains is based on Russian mythology and includes legendary warriors, creepy beasts and cunning villains.

After both players deployed their armies, the battle begins! Just like in Berserk: War of the realms, you can move your units, attack with them or use their special abilities. The rules of both games — Berserk: War of the Realm and Berserk: Kinghts and Villains — are the same.
60 min
2 - 4 joueurs

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Éditeur Hobby World
Auteur Maxim Istomin - Ivan Popov

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