War of the Dead - Chapter Two

War of the Dead - Chapter Two

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After first encountering the outbreak of Living Dead on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, surviving outlaw biker gangs, infected newborns, and the town of Dalesbury . . . are you ready for the new horrors that await you? In the war against the Living Dead, not everything is always as it seems. Will you be able to uncover the mysteries surrounding you before it's too late? Will your distrust of other survivors cost you much-needed allies, or will it save your life from those secretly plotting to do you harm?

The saga continues in War of the Dead: Chapter Two (Sanctuary and Loss).

War of the Dead brings the zombie apocalypse to the award winning Savage Worlds role-playing game. Broken down into 4 chapters of 13 adventures each.

Chapter Two continues the saga as the characters discover new allies, new survivor camps, and new enemies. Subplots that figure prominently in the second-half of the campaign are introduced in this chapter, and the characters find themselves responsible for the safety and security of more and more people.

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