Torg Eternity - GM Pack

Torg Eternity - GM Pack

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Step up your game! This pack contains accessories designed to enhance any Torg campaign. A double-sided dry-erase map of Core Earth shows all the invasion zones across the planet and allows the adventurers to find or remove stelae and change the course of their world's war!

Cosm table tents have key rules and data on them adn can be easily swapped out or used in combination and Storm Knights move through zones with different properties. Sheets of counters make it easier for both heores and viallins to track Shock, Wounds, and key conditions such as Stymied or Vulnerable as the battle rages.

Threat cards stand up thanks to special plastic clips. One side faces the players and includes defense numbers they need to calculate their own attacks and simply tell the GM the result of a test. The other side has special abilities and attacks the GM needs without needing to check a book

Threat blips are study tokens that match the monsters and foes encountered within the game, and are great for tactical combat or for tracking the number of foes and their conditions even without using a map.

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