Heroquest - Sartar Kingdom of Heroes

Heroquest - Sartar Kingdom of Heroes

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Sartar - HeroQuest in the Kingdom of Heroes...

The year is 1618 S.T.

The Flame of Sartar has been extinguished. For generations, our wise kings and powerful magicians fought against the armies and demons of the Lunar Empire and kept us free. Now, the people suffer under the tyranny of the Red Moon. In every hill fort, village, and tribe, there are prophesies of a new liberator who shall start the Hero Wars and free Sartar - the Argrath. Is it your destiny to be this Argrath and relight the Flame of Sartar?

Your HeroQuest Glorantha Adventures begin here!

What’s in this book?

The Sartar Book contains everything you need for a Gloranthan HeroQuest campaign set in the Kingdom of Sartar, the core of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha.

•New rules for creating Sartarite characters and their clans that immediately introduce and immerse you in the rich world of Glorantha.

•Comprehensive and detailed rules for the Rune Magic of the Sartarites.

•Cults of Sartar (including new write-ups for the most important Sartarite cults).

•Rules to bring the powerful magical adventures called heroquests into your game.

•Extensive background material including Sartarite myths and history.

•An epic campaign arc putting your characters into the magical Hero Wars that will determine the fate of the Kingdom of Sartar and Glorantha.

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