Heroquest - Sartar Companion

Heroquest - Sartar Companion

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Your HeroQuest Adventures in the Kingdom of Heroes continue!

What’s in this book?

The Sartar Companion contains 294 pages of pure Gloranthan gold, including:

•Full write-ups for locations including Apple Lane, Jonstown, the Jonstown Library, the Starfire Ridges, Clearwine Fort, Tarndisi’s Grove, Runegate, the Creek-Stream River, the Dragonewt Wilds, Old Wind Temple, and the New Lunar Temple of the Reaching Moon.

•42 detailed random encounters and 31 special encounters - each a potential adventure in its own right.

•Six full-length scenarios.

•Full write-ups of 6 cults: Argan Argar, Babeester Gor, Eurmal, Heler, Kolat, and Odayla.

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