Burning Wheel - Torchbearer - Core Rulebook

Burning Wheel - Torchbearer - Core Rulebook

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Your world is crumbling at the edges, pressed in on all sides by the savage and pitiless darkness' monsters and other evils that prey upon light and life. Most of your people huddle behind walls, convincing themselves that your civilization will persevere and conquer this land.

But you don?t have that luxury. There's naught for you in this world save blood and treasure. You've no inheritance, no dowry, no rich uncle, not even a job.

You've come to this inn because you have no other options but to make your own fortune in this damned world. And if that means delving into ruins of a long dead civilization and slaying a dragon or two, so be it. At least you'll live it up before the end. And who knows? Maybe you'll carve out a stronghold of light against the vast, weird dark after all.

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