Alone in the Storm

Alone in the Storm

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This expansion for the War Storm Serie is designed by José Manuel Moreno and introduces two new game modes: solitaire and cooperative. In the first one, you will be able to play in solo mode without swapping sides during the entire game. The burden of assuming the role of both contenders is not needed anymore.

You may also use this expansion with the predefined scenarios, so it will allow you to play them either in solo mode or in cooperative mode against the AI.

Alone in the Storm it does provide a set of markers and mechanisms that implements a genuine Fog of War as well as Intelligence Reports, brilliantly commanded by a neat AI system.

Additionally, it does include a Mission Generator tool, to increase even more the replayability of all the titles of the saga.

180 min
1 - 2 joueurs

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Caractéristiques Détaillées

Langue (s) us
Editeur Draco Ideas
Auteur José Manuel Moreno

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