Starcadia Quest - Showdown

Starcadia Quest - Showdown

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The geniuses at the No-Nonsense Expert Research Division (NERD) have at long last completed their greatest creation: The Hollow Deck! Choose from a library of adversaries, friends, or frenemies to battle against their Hollow-Image! Even figures of legend from Ancient Arcadia can be brought to life with their bizarre powers and abilities updated to the latest technology! It’s the perfect workout tool for extreme adventurers looking for extreme exercise in an extreme environment! Best yet: It’s perfectly safe! … Well, okay, the fire is real, and the lazers, and the swords, and the bullets…. Okay, look, bring some band-aids and antiseptics, but no one ever dies! … Well, usually. Brought to you by NERD Megacorporation: Where science isn’t mad, it’s downright furious!

Starcadia Quest: Showdown is a brand-new expansion that complements not only Starcadia Quest but also plugs into the Arcadia Quest series as well! Showdown is not about going on an arduous quest to defeat evil monsters, no siree! Showdown introduces a new mode: full Player-versus-Player deathmatches that will see players draft & pick all-new Upgrade tokens and enter a vicious arena to battle enemy Crews!
90 min
2 - 4 joueurs

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Caractéristiques Détaillées

Langue (s) us
Editeur CoolMiniOrNot
Auteur Leo Almeida - Thiago Aranha - Guilherme Goulart - Eric M. Lang - Fred Perret

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