Armada - Rebellion In the Rim

Armada - Rebellion In the Rim

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Rebellion in the Rim is an epic campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada that takes two to six players to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where they must fight for control of the territories and resources that may prove invaluable in the wars ahead. Using the innovative campaign mechanics first introduced in The Corellian Conflict, your team must choose to support the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance over the course of multiple battles across the Rim. There, you might just earn enough campaign points to scatter the enemy forces and prove to your superiors that you are a credit to your faction, worthy of advancement and renown.

Rebellion in the Rim increases the strategic complexity of every battle in Star Wars: Armada, whether you favor campaigns or traditional play. With twelve new standard objective cards and eleven new campaign objective cards, every game has a vast array of new possibilities to explore. While completely annihilating your enemy’s forces would be ideal, it is often not necessary to achieve your strategic goal and puts your own crews' lives at risk. You must balance close-proximity dogfights and full fleet assaults with the goals of your operation to ensure that your side does not lose the Rim in exchange for a single victory.

With each new objective comes the chance to tailor a new team, specially assembled to take on the new challenges of this campaign expansion. You may be asked to take out a ship that is Marked for Destruction or be forced to face off against some Hired Scum. Whichever objectives you choose to pursue, you are sure to discover new ways to use your forces and sharpen your skills as a tactical commander.
120 min
2 - 6 joueurs

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