This War of Mine - Tales From the Ruined City

This War of Mine - Tales From the Ruined City

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War knows no end. Its victims are counted in thousands and each day we lose hope, little by little. Food is becoming scarce and our shelter is falling apart — yet we keep struggling.

New faces can be seen around the city: the friendly ones at the makeshift market or in neighboring houses, the hostile ones in the night with blinding flashlights and clubs and knives. We seek new paths to travel through the ruins — sometimes even underground — just to avoid sniper fire and loot anything of value. It’s never much, yet we keep struggling. We have no other choice.

Tales from the Ruined City is the first expansion for This War of Mine: The Board Game, a story-rich game of survival in a war-torn city.
120 min
1 - 6 players

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Language (s) us
Publisher Gale Force 9
Author Marek Mydel - Michał Oracz - Jakub Wiśniewski

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