Code 777 - 30th Anniversary Edition

Code 777 - 30th Anniversary Edition

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Code 777 – 30th Anniversary LIMITED Edition

The classic code-cracking game is back in a 30th Anniversary LIMITED Edition!

Be the first to "crack your code"! Code 777 is a game of logical deduction, great for parties and families!

Crack your code first! You can see your opponents'' codes but not your own. Using questions and logic, try to deduce which three numbers are hidden in front of you. Once you''re reasonably sure, then you can take a guess. But if you''re wrong, you have to start over with a fresh set of tiles...

In 2010, Stronghold Games released its first game, Code 777, adding both a fifth player to the game and symbols to make it colorblind-friendly. Now, in 2015, Stronghold Games releases Code 777: 30th Anniversary Limited Edition, which is the final edition from Stronghold Games. This final edition includes:

Notepad in full color
Rulebook in full color, including clarifications and previous FAQs
High quality, linen-finished Cards
Black/Gray custom Tile Racks
60 min
2 - 5 players

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Editeur Stronghold Games
Author Robert Abbott - Alex Randolph