Warhammer Fantasy - Dreadfleet Captains

Warhammer Fantasy - Dreadfleet Captains

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Dreadfleet Captains is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This exciting 40-card pack lets players bring the memorable characters of Games Workshop’s Dreadfleet to their WFRP campaigns with nearly a dozen new NPCs. Learn of quests from Captain Jaego Roth, parlay with The Golden Magus, or engage in combat with Count Noctilus himself. With Dreadfleet Captains, the choice is yours.

With new Creature cards, Action cards, Location cards, and more, Dreadfleet Captains features a host of new narrative options. Will your party hunt Sartosa’s shadowy pubs for rumours leading to Aranessa Anja Saltspite, or seek an audience with Prince Yrellian of Ulthuan? Wherever your adventures take you, you’ll have the cards and components you need to bring a piece of Dreadfleet’s action to your story.

Dreadfleet Captains includes:

10 Creature Cards
10 ActionCards
6 Location Cards
10 Character Standup Cards

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