The Dark Eye: Tales of Dragons and Thieves

The Dark Eye: Tales of Dragons and Thieves

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This exciting collection presents three ready-to-play adventures all about firebreathing dragons and cunning brigands.

In Late Mail, a mysterious message from the past draws the heroes into someone else's story about brigands, treachery, and a fabulous missing fortune in gold and jewels...

In the second adventure, A Reluctant Groom, the heroes agree to escort a wealthy matron's son to his arranged wedding, but the defiant youth isn't the only one who wants them to fail...

In the third adventure, Ishlunar's Treasures, the heroes try to recover an important antique last seen in the possession of a dragon who values her privacy...

This collection of adventures is well suited for beginners and contains detailed descriptions of the plots, locations, NPCs, and challenges your heroes must face.
180 min
3 - 6 players

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