Snakes and Gestapo

Snakes and Gestapo

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Follow Friedrich Beck, an officer wounded during the September Campaign. Despite the fact he lost an eye during the Brest-Litovsk assault, he refuses to be a burden. Forced to stay away from the front lines, he dedicates his time chasing down deserters. In June 1941, after a series of murders in Leipzig, the Gestapo requires his services. Quickly, Beck and his partner, Captain Hammerstein, who is probably more Nazi than Hitler himself, are dragged into a sordid tale of serial murders. Be part of a Germany at war with the world.

Discover the Nazi’s totalitarianism culture from an officer’s point of view, and that of a father who will rapidly learn that monsters are more human than they appear. Enjoy a story written in the purest horror tradition, Howard Phillips Lovecraft-like, with some elements from such classics as The X-Files, in the day-to-day life of World War II.

Here is a single-player role-playing campaign which uses the gamebook concept. It has been adapted for a more mature audience by developing a game system sufficiently complex to satisfy the most diehard rolists. We have also eliminated instant deaths and implanted a points-of-experience concept. You will thus be able to make Friedrich Beck progress according to your vision of what is a good officer.

This document is a combination of fiction and historical facts which pays tribute to all those men and women who, within Germany’s borders, tried to fight against what was unacceptable.

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