Pathfinder - Giants Revisited

Pathfinder - Giants Revisited

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Giants Revisited explores the traits and habitats of the biggest and meanest humanoids ever to tread the earth, towering beings whose motives and behaviors are as varied as their origins and amazing abilities. Each giant race’s entry examines the creature’s ecology and habitat, its interactions with other giants and races, advice on how to implement the behemoth in your game, unique stat blocks, and more.

Inside this 64-page book, you’ll find goliaths such as:
- Hill giants, the primitive, blundering brutes who plague valley communities and roving caravans in their endless search for food and destruction.
- Cyclopes, the one-eyed behemoths whose ancient empire’s ruins still dot tropical coasts.
- Taiga giants, nomads who commune with ancestral spirits to guide them.
- Rune giants, who were created long ago to enslave all of giantkind.
- Marsh giants, froglike beings who conspire with otherworldly sea-spawn sent from their foul demon lord.
- Cloud giants, whose mythical cloud cities are as much a thing of legend as their own lofty race.
- Other herculean heavyweights such as the industrious fire giants, barbaric frost giants, capricious storm giants, and stoic stone giants.

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