Numenera - Ninth World Bestiary 2

Numenera - Ninth World Bestiary 2

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The Ninth World is unlike any other fantasy setting: weird, imaginative, dangerous, and often a bit creepy. The creatures of Numenera are no different—and the Ninth World Bestiary 2 gives you over 160 new ones to populate your campaign. Creatures undreamt of by even the most experienced pursuer of the numenera: the huge, burrowing mimus; the six-mouthed jreet; the mirror-faced cyclic raider; and many, many more.

This book includes:

Over 160 new creatures to populate your campaign.
An extensive index of all creatures from products across the Numenera game line.
Random encounter tables for creatures from this book, the Ninth World Bestiary, and the Numenera corebook.
Random tables to generate new creatures on the fly.
Useful insights on the behaviors, beliefs, and relationships of Ninth World creatures.

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