Night's Black Agents - The Director's Handbook

Night's Black Agents - The Director's Handbook

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The Director's Handbook, together with Dracula Unredacted, comprises The Dracula Dossier -- an epic improvised, collaborative campaign for Night's Black Agents, our award-winning vampire spy thriller RPG. Dracula is not a novel. It's the censored version of Bram Stoker's after-action report of the failed British Intelligence attempt to recruit a vampire in 1894. The Dracula Dossier: Director's Handbook turns Dracula into a fully improvised campaign for Night's Black Agents, inspired by the award-winning Armitage Files campaign for Trail of Cthulhu. Inside you'll find hundreds of characters, locations, items, and conspiratorial nodes, any of which might be a potential asset for the player characters-or part of Edom's century-long conspiracy, or even a minion of the immortal Dracula. Players choose which leads to track, which scarlet trail to follow. The Director, using the clear step-by-step techniques in the Director's Handbook, improvises a suitably blood-soaked thriller in response to their choices. Clear advice to players and Directors on improvisation, with extensive examples and guidelines, helps you set the scene. This Halloween, take your players on the greatest vampire hunt in history-more than a hundred years in the making.

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