Night's Black Agents - Core Rulebook

Night's Black Agents - Core Rulebook

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The Cold War is over. Bushs War is winding down. You were a shadowy soldier in those fights, trained to move through the secret world: deniable and deadly. Then you got out, or you got shut out, or you got burned out. You didnt come in from the cold. Instead, you found your own entrances into Europes clandestine networks of power and crime. You did a few ops, and you asked even fewer questions.

Who gave you that job in Prague? Who paid for your silence in that Swiss account?

You told yourself it didnt matter. It turned out to matter a lot. Because it turned out you were working for vampires. Vampires exist. What can they do? Who do they own? Where is safe? You dont know those answers yet. So youd better start asking questions. You have to trace the bloodsuckers operations, penetrate their networks, follow their trail, and target their weak points. Because if you dont hunt them, they will hunt you. And they will kill you. Or worse.

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