Iron Kingdom - Monsternomicon

Iron Kingdom - Monsternomicon

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"The invasion of the skorne and the blighting of the frozen north are events that have brought the terrors of the wilderness to our doorstep. If there is one lesson you will learn from this book, it is that you were never safe cowering behind lock and key. The shadows bumping in the night have grown long and bold. They openly stalk even the bravest of men in the kingdoms. An ignorant main is a dead man, and sometimes it takes more than just a bigger gun. Arm yourself with knowledge, and buy my book!"
—Professor Viktor Pendrake

Discover the most dangerous and deadly creatures known to the Iron Kingdoms in this tome of over 50 monsters for Iron Kingdoms role-playing.

Read Professor Viktor Pendrake's journey to eastern Immoren and explorations of the Skorne Empire. With far more than just monsters, this tome is a treasure trove for the Iron Kingdoms enthusiast.

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