Fantasy Age - Campaign Builder

Fantasy Age - Campaign Builder

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Welcome to the Fantasy AGE Campaign Builder’s Guide, a book of advice, examples, and in-depth discussion of various elements of tabletop fantasy roleplaying campaigns aimed specifically at Fantasy AGE. Included within you’ll find:

In-depth analysis of campaign structure, set-up, and play frameworks

Step-by-step advice on designing challenging encounters and interesting adventures

Monster and character design assistance to help GMs make convincing, compelling, and challenging adversaries and foils for their campaigns

Information on designing religions and divinities

Notes on taking your campaigns beyond ordinary power levels and into the realms of truly epic adventure

Modifying and adjusting your campaigns to embrace various fantasy subgenres such as fantasy horror, historical fantasy, or post-apocalyptic horror

An assortment of helpful tables throughout the book to help generate everything from businesses and criminal organizations, to cults and religions

Each chapter includes detailed examples of the advice and guidelines within, showing how to directly implement the tools and advice of the Campaign Builder’s Guide. The Fantasy AGE Campaign Builder’s Guide requires the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, and users will find the Fantasy AGE Companion and Fantasy AGE Bestiary exceptionally useful when using this book.

Step up your game with the Fantasy AGE Campaign Builder's Guide!

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