Codex - Skavens Pestilence

Codex - Skavens Pestilence

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Festering swarms of the Great Corruptor!

Vile, diseased, revolting progeny of the Horned Rat, the Clans Pestilens are spread all across the mortal realms, bringing choking clouds of poison fog, infection and corruption to every dark corner. Innumerable in their swarm, they search tirelessly for the Thirteen Great Plagues with fanatical minds and wild eyes - these worshippers of the Great Corruptor, pouring from gnaw-holes in great Virulent Processions full of savage teeth and rusted, infectious blades wish to combine the thirteen sorcerous plagues, and unleash a tidal wave of rot and filth, potentially capable of bringing down even Sigmar himself.

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