BattleTech - Jihad Hot Spot 3072

BattleTech - Jihad Hot Spot 3072

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Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 continues the Jihad series, begun with Blake Ascending, bringing the readers into the ongoing chaos and horror of the Sphere-spanning war, as seen from the eyes of those who fight—and die—in this epic conflict. Players of both Total Warfare and A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG will find additional rules and campaign tracks within to continue their campaigns across the Inner Sphere as the Blakist holy war rages on. Finally, Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 contains detailed information on the cyber-soldiers of the Manei Domini, as well as a mini-Technical Readout section—including record sheets—for numerous new units, including the six new Celestial-series Word of Blake OmniMechs.

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