Achtung Cthulhu - Interface 19.40

Achtung Cthulhu - Interface 19.40

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Interface 19.40 adds a new alternate dimension to the Secret War, including:

- A variant, Mythos-Fuelled history for the Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk setting, where ancient gods watch your every move from the shadows of the datastream

- New rules on how to include cyberware, Gruesome genetic manipulations, and even weirder science in your Achtung! Cthulhu games (Interface Zero 2.0 is reccomended for full rules on Savage Worlds cybernetics)

- A 33 page adventure, set in 1941, that can be played by characters from either World War Two or the Far Future

- In fact, a whole Crossover dossier’s worth of useful Alternate Historical and fantastical information to help you expand your campaign out into the wider world of the Secret War.

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