7th Sea - The New World

7th Sea - The New World

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Change has come to the people of Aztlan. The Theans arrived one hundred years ago and failed in their ambitions of conquest, but their words and desires changed everything. For the first time in thousands of years, the Aztlani people speak of a unified land. The three old nations vie for dominance of their splintered empire, and their ambitions consume all who walk these lands.

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edition including new mechanics for environmental hazards, Backgrounds, Advantages, Arcana, Stories, Dueling styles and Sorceries. It also includes the three Nations of the former Aztlan Empire:

Nahuacan Alliance,a militaristicallianceof cities devoted to the same four gods
TzakK’an, a group of disparate city-states bound together by their shared culture living amongst dense jungles and ancient Syrneth ruins
Kuraq, a nation led by a single Empress devoted to the dead god Suway and the undead nobles who serve her
Join the Aztlani people in their struggle to unite in a time of change!

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