ASL Comp - Digger Pack 1 - PTO Action with Aussies

ASL Comp - Digger Pack 1 - PTO Action with Aussies

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This is an ASL Comp product Including 212 counters providing Australian infantry among others, 8" x 22" geomorphic board (PTO1), and 12 scenarios.

DP #1 The O-Patchers! American Japanese 1945-02-01 Digger Pack I
DP #2 Volckmann's Guerillas Filipinos Japanese 1945-06-14 Digger Pack I
DP #3 Koepang Bang Japanese Australian/Dutch 1942-02-20 Digger Pack I
DP #4 Battle at Baliuag American Japanese 1941-12-31 Digger Pack I
DP #5 Oil Strike! Japanese Australian/British/Dutch 1942-02-14 Digger Pack I
DP #6 Night Dragons Japanese Australian 1942-08-26 Digger Pack I
DP #7 Deceptive Reception Japanese Australian 1942-01-14 Digger Pack I
DP #8 The South Side of Green New Zealand Japanese 1944-02-16 Digger Pack I
DP BONUS #1 Tenaru Tussle American Japanese 1942-08-21 Digger Pack I
DP BONUS #2 One Last Charge Australian Japanese 1942-01-20 Digger Pack I
DP BONUS #3 Biak Probe Japanese American 1944-06-15 Digger Pack I
DP BONUS #4 Lights Out American Japanese 1944-10-17 Digger Pack I
240 min
1 - 2 players

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Language (s) us
Publisher Critical Hit
Author Glenn Houseman, Paul Kenny, David Lamb, Kurt Martin, Pete Shelling