The Walking Dead All Out War - Made to Suffer

The Walking Dead All Out War - Made to Suffer

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The Made to Suffer Expansion for The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game recreates the ongoing struggle of the survivors and Rick’s ill-fated encounter with the tyrannical boss of Woodbury – the Governor! The set also includes new characters, equipment, supplies, events and scenery to expand your regular games.

It also contains a printed play-mat with detailed town interiors, rules for fighting inside, and expanded rules for larger games and allied forces!

This set contains:

Plastic Martinez, Gabe Harris, Bruce Cooper, and Dr. Stevens miniatures
2 Plastic Walker miniatures
Martinez, Gabe Harris, Bruce Cooper, Dr. Stevens, and Brian Blake, The Governor Character Cards
12 Equipment Cards
6 Supply Cards
5 Event Cards
Card Counters, card templates and card scenery, including the Governor's Tank!
Woodbury Paper Mat/Wave 4 Checklist
Made to Suffer Expansion Rulebook- including new rules for larger games with different objectives, and allied forces.
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