Super Dungeon Explore - Dragonback Peaks Tile Pack

Super Dungeon Explore - Dragonback Peaks Tile Pack

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Dragonback Peaks: Tile Pack is a world expansion for games of Super Dungeon Explore. The tile pack includes beautifully illustrated double-sided dungeon tiles for the fiery underground halls of the Dragonback Peaks and tile effect cards, ensuring that no game is ever the same. This tile pack also includes Fire Flower creeps, the native flora of Dragonback Peaks, known for spitting fire and charring many an unprepared adventurer, and their respective Arcade and Classic Mode cards.

Super Dungeon introduced the world to the whimsy and charm of chibi-miniature board games inspired by classic video games, and it continues to be the leader in providing a fun and lighthearted family board game experience. Strongly supported with dozens of expansions which provide new Heroes, monsters, dungeon tiles, and gameplay options, Dragonback Peaks: Tile Pack is sure to expand games of Super Dungeon for longtime fans and new fans!
120 min
2 - 6 joueurs

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Éditeur Soda Pop Miniatures
Auteur Chris Birkenhagen - John Cadice - Deke Stella