Mage Wars Academy - Warlord

Mage Wars Academy - Warlord

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Aspiring young mages from all the nations of Etheria flock to Sistarra, the Grand Academy of Magic. Students are trained in the ancient secrets of magic, and choose which path they will follow. Those who hope to gradate must hone their knowledge and skills, and compete in combat to prove their worth.

The Warlord uses strategy and tactics to defeat his enemies. He summons soldiers and issues commands to them to enable them to work together, in formation, like
a well-oiled war machine. The Warlord is also a formidable combatant himself. He can easily stand against the most powerful enemy by wielding his arsenal of equipment.
45 min
2 joueurs

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Caractéristiques Détaillées

Langue (s) us
Éditeur Arcane Wonders
Auteur Aaron Brosman - Matthew Burch - Bryan Pope

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