Berserk - War of the Realm

Berserk - War of the Realm

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Berserk: War of the Realms is a customizable skirmish wargame.

Every creature under your control is represented by a card. Your goal in this two-player game is to crush your opponent with the army that you have carefully constructed. There is also an option to play with a pre-constructed army deck, for beginners.

After deployment of armies, the battle begins! You can move your units, attack with them or use their special abilities. There are a lot of interesting tactical decisions at strategies to employ – Berserk has a huge replayability.

Berserk has a phenomenal success in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – it has become the bestselling fantasy card game in these countries.
60 min
2 - 4 joueurs

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Langue (s) us
Éditeur Hobby World
Auteur Maxim Istomin - Ivan Popov

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