I Love Brocoli

I Love Brocoli

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Can you guess the likes and dislikes of others? I love brocoli will challenge you to do this with groups both large and small.

Each card in the deck has a collection of six statements on each side. When playing with a small group, one player will leave the room, then everyone else will choose a statement and place a card showing either YES or NO face up in front of themselves. The other player then returns to the room and, after seeing the answers, tries to determine which statement everyone chose, scoring 3, 2 or 1 points based on the number of guesses it took to determine the proper statement. With larger player counts, you avoid the YES/NO cards and split the players into two groups in the room, with all the YES people in one group and the NO in the other.

You can also play the game in teams to allow for more banter and discussion over who seems like the type of person who would say YES (or NO) to certain statements.
30 min
4 - 50 joueurs

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