From the Cellar #8

From the Cellar #8

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A scenario pack for Advanced Squad Leader by Le Franc Tireur.

The following scenarios are included:
FT209: EUPHRATES CLASH (Mayadine, Syria, 29 September 1941)
FT210: THE LONGEST WEEK (Mount San Basilio, North of Troina, Sciliy, 5 August 1943)
FT211: 9eme COMPAGNIE SACRIFICE (Hill 470 near Colle Belvedere, Italy, 26 January 1944)
FT212: FOR HITLER, FOR ALLAH (Area of Sekovici, Bosnia, 1 May 1944)
FT213: UP THE LIRI VALLEY (Liri Valley, Italy, 17 May 1944)
FT214: A GRAIN OF SAND (Les Sablons, France, 10 August 1944)
FT215: GHOSTLY ATTACK (Luneville, France, 15 September 1944)
FT216: BACK IN FORCE (Luneville, France, 16 September 1944)
FT217: CAVALRY DELAYING ACTION (Luneville, France, 18 September 1944)
FT218: TAKING LUNEVILLE (Luneville, France, 18 September 1944)
FT219: KONIEV'S FINEST (North of Chimielnik, Poland, 12 January 1944)
FT220: ALSATIAN VERDUN (Jebsheim, France, 26 January 1945)
FT221: INDEPENDANCE DAY (Didonne, France, 15 April 1945)
FT222: HETZER BUTCHER (Königsbach, Germany, 6 April 1945)
FT223: THE KINGS OF BOLLERSDORF (Bollersdorf, Germany, 19 April 1945)

The pack also contains rules for linking the scenarios FT215, FT216, FT217 and FT218 together into a campaign game.

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