Simurgh - Call of the Dragonlord

Simurgh - Call of the Dragonlord

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Following a seemingly insignificant tremor, one of the inner walls of the library collapsed, revealing a hidden chamber filled with ancient scrolls of wisdom and power. Among them the scholars found a map showing the way to the First City – a forgotten metropolis reputed to had been built atop the Tomb of Muratan the Dragonlord himself, and now a new target for the Noble Houses locked in a power struggle. Whose Wizard will show the most skill navigating the Forgotten Metropolis? Who will uncover Muratan’s Legacy? Who will be the first to answer the Call of the Dragonlord?
90 min
2 - 5 players

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Language (s) us
Publisher NSKN
Author Błażej Kubacki - Andrei Novac - Pierluca Zizzi

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