BattleCON - Devastation of Indines Extended

BattleCON - Devastation of Indines Extended

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Devastation of Indines: Extended Edition 2nd Edition ups the ante with all new content to expand your copy of Devastation of Indines even further!

This update includes the following additions:
- Two New Fighters
Juto and Borneo Promotional Mascot Characters! You can choose to fight as either of these characters, of course with new and exciting powers/abilities.

- New Alternate Art Unique Ability Cards
A complete set of new Alternate Art Character cards (1 per fighter in Devastation of Indines). These cards provide each character with a new Unique Ability that changes their gameplay.

- Alternate Standups
Customize your game with Alternate Art Cardboard Standups for each character.

- Armory Cards
The Armory cards give you the tools to make a customized character duel come to life. Each player receives a set amount of gold and can customize his character, giving you access to new strategies and potential!
45 min
2 - 5 players

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Author D. Brad Talton, Jr.